Recently the lovely Cristina asked me to do a guest post on her blog for fall fashion and the return of school.  All of the clothing and accessories I found are vintage inspired.

“I am here to talk about fall and the autumnal fashions that come with it. I was so excited when Cristina asked me to do a guest post on her lovely blog especially since I am obsessed with fall and the wonderful fashion trends that start to appear when the leaves fall. I have created an array of some cooler weather looks to get you in the mood for that crisp air and the return of school time. I am also a fan of vintage clothing. I think autumn goes hand in hand with that sort of nostalgic dreamy feeling that a vintage piece has. I found some great looks for decent prices as well as some nice fall accessories to help add to the fun of going back to school. All of these items were found on Etsy. You can check out my entire fall wish list and favorite items on etsy here! And I am obsessed with these fall/ halloween photos from Foxtail and Fern blog”

back to school looks

Lace Top– I chose this top for its darker fantasy quality. I think it would be a fun piece to pair with a thick sweater and scarf. The black will also match with anything of course.
Brown Suede Shoes– I love these cute little booties. I have not seen this style before and thought they had a nice woodsy feeling to them. I pictured them being surrounded by the fall colored leaves and fell in love!

Wool Felt Hat– I used to not wear hats but recently I just realized what a fun and edgy accessory they can be. I thought this wool hat was very simple and would bring a nice touch to a fall outfit, and keep your ears warm!

Aztec Sweater– This sweater looks so comfortable and fun. I am huge fan of these neat patterns that appear on many things lately.

Scalloped Skirt – I love this skirt. I have always had a fondness for a simple skirt but this one has the scalloped edges that I think bring some fun to it. Pair this skirt with some jewel toned tights and Bask in the fall air!


Please check out this post and many more inspiring posts on Cristina’s Blog!


The Moptop Blog: Style Inspiration

I recently stumbled upon the Moptop blog the other day and wow I am in love with Tonya’s amazing style sense. I would love to own all the things she has in her closet. Not to mention she lives in Portland, my dream home location! She is gorgeous and I really enjoy her sense of vintage bohemian style!

check out her lovely blog!

moptopbannerbykarli babydollresize2 beachy2edit boohoo8edit freepeoplesun1 lifelately11 lifelately13 mixingprintz2

Closet Visit

Sophie Buhai




_MG_3669 _MG_3671

_MG_3676 _MG_3731


Check out Closet Vist’s website!


Artist Jeana Sohn (pronounced like “gina”) visits creative, inspiring and stylish ladies’ closets.

{Since September 2010}

All images copyright © Jeana Sohn. All rights reserved.

Jeana’s art site

Jeana’s photography site

Jeana’s Instagram JEANASOHN


Wish List!


Sugarhigh Lovestoned

I am in love this brand! check out this video

Their summer collection is like making me drool!! want it all. Love the styling and the fashion!!! Love it love it check out their website!

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Live by The Sun Love By The Moon


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