My Fashion

Paint it Black

IMG_8461 2013-12-08 21-34-

IMG_8463 2013-12-08 21-35-

IMG_8464 2013-12-08 21-37-

IMG_8465 2013-12-08 21-38- IMG_8460 2013-12-08 21-33-

IMG_8459 2013-12-08 21-33-

IMG_8468 2013-12-08 21-39- forever

I got this dress from Marshall’s for 16$. I am in love with how simple and elegant it is.It could be worn as a night out dress, fancy dinner dress, or casual with a cool leather jacket over it.

The wallet is from target. I needed a bigger one and found this neat patterned black and white one.

The necklace is from etsy, a gift from my boyfriend! I love it. You can find the most unique jewelry on etsy

Here is a photo I took of my boyfriend while shooting picture for my blog. He looks so Dan Humphrey here ( Gossip Girl)

IMG_8494 2013-12-08 21-45-

The arrow ring is from forever 21. I am sure you can tell that the whole arrow thing is a new trend I love.

The Book is from my friend Cristina. Its called St. Lucey’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves.

The chap stick is from Savannah Bee Company! It’s earl grey scented. If you love tea you will love it.

The boots were found at goodwill! Thrifting rules

The green suede purse is from Target

If you noticed the twinnings tea tin, that is where I keep my watercolor paints. I have been working on more paintings lately.

I recently went into our garden and made a bouquet for last few days of summer.

Fall shopping!

IMG_8414 2013-04-08 16-35-    IMG_8415 2013-04-08 16-36-

IMG_8416 2013-04-08 16-35-

IMG_8425 IMG_8426

IMG_8427 2013-04-08 16-36- dbzgbg 2013-04-08 16-44-


My image 2013-04-08 16-49-

My image 2013-04-08 16-53-

1, Green and brown suede bag- Target

2. kit mens hat- Target

3. White Knit sweater- Marshall’s

4. Cat Print Shorts- Forever 21

5. Paisley Skirt- Gabriell Brothers

6. Grey Sued boots- Target

Summer Comfort

Lately the weather here has been very mild and breezey. So I decided to get out my lace shorts and blue cambridge shirt. I got the shirt from Old Navy and the shorts from TJMax. It’s a bit preppier than my normal style but I thought it could be a casual outfit but also something to go out in. I spent the evening having some wine with friends that night on the deck! :)





IMG_8375 IMG_8377






IMG_8397 IMG_8400




Dark Paradise: New Clothes The Darker Side Of me

dark paradise


IMG_8234 2013-11-07 16-45-



IMG_8249 2013-11-07 16-42-



IMG_8252 2013-11-07 16-35-

vlcsnap-2013-07-11-15h41m11s47 2013-11-07 16-40-

vlcsnap-2013-07-11-15h43m59s190 2013-11-07 16-48-

IMG_8254 2013-11-07 16-41-

IMG_8225 2013-11-07 16-43-


A Few outfits from the summer this far!


Button Ups and Buckles

n Ups and Buckles








Summer Essentials


summer stuff

1. A cute summer pastel colored head scarf. I have been wanting one forever

2.A cute beach/pool bag maybe something fun and colorful for that summery feel

3. A nice pair of fun sunglasses is A must for those sun rays!

4. A simple tank with a nice cute pattern is a good simple go to for summer.

5. These style of sandals are very in style right now. The bigger strap in front and heel straps are a nice feature for the feet!

6.This shade of Burts Bees lip balm is my new favorite. Its sort of a soft violet color. I just bought it and love it!

7. COCONUT OIL! This stuff Is amazing omg. I use it in my hair and as a moisturizer. Its a great all natural product to use. If you use a little in your hair after a shower on the ends its a great smoother for your hair. This stuff will make your skin feel so much smoother and healthier too.

8. A fun two piece is always nice to have for the pool or beach. I prefer those bright colors or just black. I like this one for the fun added pattern on the suit.


moon and trees promo pic!


Summer Time Sadness

This post is inspired by Lana Del Rey’s amazing song titled Summer Time Sadness. I think summer can be sad when you are stuck at home. I get this horrible wonderlust and need to be near the ocean or some place new. I think thats what I feel when I hear Lana’s song. I made a little mood board to represent that feeling. Enjoy!


1. Crystal Clear waters of the ocean

2.homemade Ice cream mmm

3. Pool side with thirst quenchers and fries!

4. breeze in the sea

5. lemon sunglasses

6. My legs poolside with a good book in my lap!


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