Beauty and Products

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1. Coconut oil- This stuff is a miracle worker. I use it in my hair and on my skin. It evens out skin tone, and makes your skin so smooth.

2. Stay Don’t Spray- This is a product by Benefit which is a great primer for eyeshadow

3. Nars Midsummer Set- This stuff is so great for a warm summer glow

4. Apotheke- Coconut Jasmine Body Cream, This stuff smells so great and actually does make your skin smooth and the scent lasts.

5. Tocca, Cleopatra  Perfume- This scent is so lovely. Its subtle and sultry and not heavy

6. Fit Maybeline cover up- I love this stuff. It really does have great coverage and blends extremely well.

7.  Nexus Humectress- This shampoo and conditioner is a bit pricey but its worth it. It immediately smooths your hair and makes it feel healthier after one wash

8. Olay Fresh Effects- This face wash is pretty decent and has those nice micro beads.

9.  Pore Defining Benefit- This stuff is great if you want to take some good photos and have very smooth looking skin.

10. Essie Nail Polish- Any Essie color is the best!

11. Burts Bees Violet Chap Stick- I am obsessed with this lip color!

12. Maybelline Precise Eye liner- If you like doing cat eyes than this stuff is great for good clean eye liner

13. Simple Organic Facial Cleansing Pads- These are nice and dont make my face feel oily after using them

14. Great Lash Mascara – Go to mascara cheap and effective


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