My Name is Hannah Graff, I am an artist,illustrator, a fashion obsessed ,book loving, tea drinking, movie fan. I am 22 and currently transitioning into the life of an adult. I just graduated from art school with a degree in Illustration. I love art and will be persuing a career in the art world. I am extremely passionate about my art and Illustration. You can check out my work and buy some of my work here!



While I still live at home, I am trying to move out and find a place for me and my  bearded boyfriend. We have been together five years now. We both share a love for art and literature and constantly inspire one another. As I am transitioning I am still trying to share my love for fashion,music,movies, and post on this blog. It will be a documentation of life as I move forward. I have had many blogs over the years and just love to share my thoughts and get to know other bloggers. I have a tumblr and a pintrest where I post/reblogg and get Inspired daily. You can check them out here –


This blog will be a chance to really get to know me and see a little bit of my own life and thoughts. Enjoy and feel free to comment.


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