It seems like winter finally hit after all this rain and strangely warm weather.With a few small inches of snow also came a lovely package from my dear friend, Cristina. We have been pals for a year or two now. We got introduced through tumblr and since then we have kept in contact mostly through the old fashioned correspondence of letter writing. We also send one another seasonal packages and this year she sent me a very lovely winter themed parcel!

8221450b-e800-488e-8830-44de1eb34fd6Such a sweet card to go with a lovely hand wrapped package of goodies. Inside the card was a recipe for vegan hot cocoa and some kind words.


Amungst the treasures inside my package was a scent I just couldn’t ignore. This bar of french rose soap smells amazing and I use it all the time in the shower! Its rather a lovely pink color too. I am a sucker for anything with a rose scent. Along with the lovely soap was an adorable pink scarf and some nourishing snacks to keep me going through these busy winter days!bcc4c43d-73d2-4fc0-a324-bc6047a3461b

There is just something so exciting and fun about receiving a package in the mail. I encourage you all if you form a long distance friendship to write letters, send packages  and do things the old fashioned way. Its a fun way to get to know one another and show how much you care. d7e6af67-56ad-4046-a7c9-ff55149ef99f

Cristina has an awesome blog where she shares her knowledge of vegan foods, books and other lovely things. She is also a wonderful artist and I would totally recoomend checking out some of her lovely watercolors as well!



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