Recently I went to see Star Wars Force Awakens with my friends and Fam and man was it amazing! I really enjoyed it. Especially how nicely balanced the story was between Fin and Rey! 9c29f08d-8429-43e2-8891-8115999301ec

My sister and I grew up watching Star Wars, so we decided to show our love with some Princess Leia buns!


Having a break from work meant I could take my time and enjoy tea and toast for breakfast! ebe65b60-5f79-46b5-aca8-6421fedca955

After our 5 hour long Christmas Event for kids and a night of hanging out with friends, we went to a fun diner right down the street from us and had a delicious breakfast!


My Friend Britney got me this gorgeous print by Marika Paz. Its now hanging in my studio! Absolutely love this image.3c67835e-3885-4d1f-ad2d-85e5648fdab4

Britney also got me some gorgeous succulents to add to my collection.



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