Winter Windows


I can’t believe Thanksgiving is over. Now its on to Christmas! AHH!!! Oh well. We had a very nice relaxing Thanksgiving this year. I made two Caramel apple pies this year! ( as seen above) I got the recipe here !


My awesome sister got me this super cozy pretty sweater! I decided to purchase some pretty wrapping paper to start my gift wrapping a bit early! Both the sweater and the wrapping paper are from Marshall’s my favorite place to shop!


A close up shot of the finished apple pie! I loved making the leaf cut outs!734a6395-1114-4ee3-a9af-3fd072354f39

The tree is up in my family’s house. I love the warm glow it gives off. So comforting. e29b110b-1cce-41a1-808f-afa1a339e27f

Another Shot of that pie! The caramel part was the best!


The wrapping paper and my sweater matched unintentionally!


My Thanksgiving look!


Baking is so fun and kind of relaxing! I love sprinkling the sugar on top of the pie crust like snow!


I have a special place in my heart for nicely designed tags on clothing. I thought this one was pretty and cute!


I am obsessed with two layered necklaces and thought this one was a nice addition to my sparkely sweater. Forever21 was awesome jewelry and its not pricey at all!



I like to document the process of the pie making!

Well there ya go! A peak at some recent wintery things!


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