10 Winter Inspirations

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The Snow Queen 1957

These are all gorgeous stills from one of my most favorite Christmas Films. Its probably not a common Christmas movie for most, but it was one that totally captured my imagination as a child. This is a Russian animated film version of the classic fairytale, The Snow Queen. Thanks to my dad who always taped, and found the most obscure and neat movies for us, this movie is so interesting. From the strange dubbed over dialog to the amazing animation this movie has a super dark dreamy feel to it. It reminds me of the cold nights before Christmas, where my family members and I would watch our favorite Christmas films by the glow of our tree lights. The beautiful animation has been keeping me inspired to make art since I was a child! You can watch it on youtube now. If you enjoy dark wintery tales and animation please go watch it!


Gingerbread Houses

Ok, I know its a bit of a cliche, but there is something about the way the white piping looks against the brown gingerbread. We usually have a gingerbread decorating day with my family and neighbors. Its fun to get creative with it. This is such a pretty inspiration for one Found here!


Winter Forest Decorations!

Love this photo and styling from Hummingbird High

I love winter, I love Christmas. Call me a sucker for fall and winter material things, but I am obssesed with making my apartment look like a wintery forest full of magic. I have started a collection of ornaments and decorations that look like a Jan Brett book. Little woven foxes with scarves and boots, Frosted white branches ect. I cant wait to decorate and add to my collection! If you are looking for similar items places like Homegoods, TjMax, and Anthropologie have some super cute foresty things!


Twin peaks Style

So I am a sucker for winter/fall clothes and styles. I am also totally forever obsessed with the Tv series Twin Peaks. I love the toal 90’s wood cabin feel the clothing has. This look in particular is such an adorable outfit from Olive. I need to get this whole look! Love the plaid paired with the clean white knit sweater.


Jennifer Lawrence


Mockingjay Premier in France

Ok most of you probably know and agree that Jlaw is a goddess. At least in my mind she is. I just recently rewatched all the Hungergames movies and fell back in love with the series and Jennifer of course. For a while I wasn’t too wild about how Dior was styling miss Jlaw but recently at the new Mockingay premiers, Jen has looked amazing. I lovedddddd this look seen above. She is stunning. I love her makeup here and her amazing hair with the braids. Major inspiration here!

Processed with VSCOcam with a8 preset

The Knit Look

Speaking of the Hungergames… Another winter style I am into is the handknit items I keep seeing everywhere. The knit vest/cowl neck thing Katniss wears kinda started it for me. I love the rustic quality it has and how actually warm these items are! Love this photo styling from Mel Denisse!


The White Reindeer

Ok cute animal alert. I love reindeer. They are so cute and such pretty animals. I have been kinda obsessed with these super gorgeous white reindeer. Probably because they remind me of a Russian Fairytale. I think I need to draw and paint more of these majestic babies!



I have recently become very into taking care of my skin and what not. I had heard of Lush Beauty products before and was always interested. Well they opened a Lush store here at our local mall and yeah the rest is history. I know for winter its nice to have a skin regieme to keep the cold dry air from drying you out. I really want this face wash seems like it would be really nice. I use their shower lotion conditioner called Ro’s Argon Body Conditioner. Let me just say…. it’s freaking amazing. It smells sooooo good and it really works!


Miso Soup!

I recently made my own miso soup and let me just say it was so good. If you are sick with a cold or just feeling cold and down, this is the soup for you! I used rice noodles, garlic,jalapenos, fresh parsley, vegetable broth, sesame oil, shiitake mushrooms and fresh lime. Between the fresh lime and heat from the jalapenos it a super refreshing, satisfying and healthy soup! There are tons of recipes out there. I would reccomend looking on pintrest for some good ones!



Alright, Since I have become a skincare nut, I have also fallen into the makeup craze. Ya know I don’t care what you say. I like makeup. I like to look nice, I like when women can feel nice about themselves, and if makeup does that then what the heck!? So anyways, since winter is around the corner, I have been into this sort of wintery glow look. You know the rose natural blush and pale cold skin look like you just walked out of a snowy forest. ( see a theme here?) Well I think that highlighter powder just give you this sort of magical fairyglow look and I have been obsessed with it! Thanks to Beautiful Makeup Search, I want to try all of these!


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