Hello followers!

I have decided I really need to keep blogging again! It’s been way too long!

I am going to start posting regularly again!

Today’s Posts will be featuring Fall music to inspire!

  1. Alele Diane

If you enjoy Mariee Sioux and other woman folk singers you will certainly love this woman’s music. There is something very feminine and strong in Alela’s voice. Many of her songs have an almost eearie and dreamy quality that suits her folk style in a very unique way. Honestly any of her songs are truly wonderful.

alela_diane 2-2-copy

2. Agnes Obel

I found out about the beautiful music of Agnes Obel while on my favorite author’s facebook page. Alice Hoffman who wrote books like Practical Magic and Red Garden happened to post a music video for her song “riverside” and once I listened I was hooked. The piano and instramentals mixed with her dreamy voice immediately makes me think of leaves falling or an ice cold morning. There is something magical about her music.

agnes Agnes-Obel

3. Lia Icea

Thanks to Pandora for showing me this lovely ladies music. I particulalrly love some of her tunes that combine strings like violins and such with her beautiful voice. Her music can be more poppy depending on the song. I would deff keep an eye out for this lady! I feel like she will be big.

Lia-Ices lia_ices_4


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