New Hair Routine Ideas

So one of my only features I truly feel confident about would be my hair. I know that sounds rather self critical, but lets face it we are all a little self critical and like certain aspects of ourselves more than others. Since I do like my hair I am always trying to treat it well and keep it as healthy as I can. I have dabbled in washing with honey thing, I usually only buy sulfate free products and I also try not to wash my hair every day! I also use products like argon oil and coconut oil as well. Those are a godsend for my hair and I would recommend using coconut oil for just about anything! I haven’t had my hair cut since last May. My goal is to wait till this May and get it cut. I have been trying to grow it out long and strong.  Despite all of these steps to keep my hair at its best I still have days were I can’t believe how dry and dull my hair looks. Recently I hung out with my good friend Gabbie. She is graced with such pretty healthy hair! I mean it looks like hair commercial most of time!

10394821_10203164089849702_1772844291673941050_nOver dinner I decided to just ask her what her hair routine is. She told me some great and helpful tips!

  • She washes her hair every once a week or so ( this is a huge thing I always hear about. Not washing you hair allows for the oils in your hair to naturally start to make your hair smoother and shiny. It may become oily after some time but Gabbie assured me the oils start to move from the top of your head to the rest of your hair giving it natural moisture and keeping it smooth. )
  • DRY SHAMPOO ( since she doen’t wash her hair as much she uses dry shampoo. I have yet to use it. I have heard good things about Dove Brand dry shampoo as well as Aveeno’s dry shampoo.)
  • Using baking soda in shampoo ( Gabbie mentioned how when she does was her hair, she mixed a little baking soda in with her shampoo. This really helps get rid of buildup in the hair and makes it feel much cleaner)
  • Coconut oil or Argon Oil ( This is a huge one. The coconut oil is a natural product that really is amazing for bot hair and skin. I use argon oil everyday as well, especially in the winter when the air is much dryer)
  • Avoiding hair dryers and straightners ( Its fine to use every once in a while but over doing it can cause massive breakage and dryness. When you do use heat you can get some nice heat protection sprays to keep your hair healthy)
  • Use a comb not a brush( Brushes tend to cause more breakage and pull strands of hair much more than the comb)

Alright so.. I decided I am going to try these steps including the honey washes and what not!


how-to-fight-colds-and-the-flu-with-baking-soda1 imgres Matador_Jumbo_Comb-highres Spectrum-Organic-Refined-Coconut-Oil-022506002005 YSO-12128-01344446956_aveeno-shampoo-lg

Natures Gate is the brand of shampoo and conditioner that I really love to use it smells amazing and its all natural!

Well hopefully this all goes well. My biggest challenge is not washing my hair as frequently. I can not stand feeling unclean but I know the dry shampoo will help a lot! Wish me luck and if any of you try this routine let me know how it goes for you!


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