Studio Space

c dv

In my mind when I moved out of my parent’s home I always envisioned a studio or a space where I could work on my art. I knew I had to have that space where I could sit and work on my art. Once my boyfriend and I moved in and got settled I began to create my studio space. My desk is the main area where I create my artwork and paint. Its the focal point of the room. I tried to keep the space somewhat simple and clean. Above my desk are some photos and paintings of fellow artists and friends works. They inspire me as I work and make me so happy and thankful to know such amazing talents.

My materials are mostly here on this little shelving unit. I love using re purposed containers for my pens and brushes. There is an old tea container here as well as some mugs and what not. This card is from Fennec Design Studio on Etsy! Their work is always inspiring to me. cV CZ

On my desk are simply items that inspire me. My little tarot cards pack an old tea tin to name a few.

My cats often hang out with me while I paint so I made sure to put a soft blanket on the table for them! My inspiration board is covered in images and artwork that really inspire  get my mind wondering. cxbvcx


Since much of my work is inspired by nature I find it a necessity to have some plants in my studio. There is something so amazing about plants. I love the greenery and brightness they bring to my studio. img_9989 img_9990  x zc zvczvI think an artist’s space says a lot about them. Its unique to each creator. My dear friend Cristina is a fellow artist and an amazing person. Her artwork is hanging above my desk! ( Owl and Fox) Please checkout her wonderful blog where she shares her amazing studio space as well!


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