Studio Space in a Small Place

I recently got asked about how to create a studio space in a small space. Its important for anyone who works creatively to have a space to work in. I moved into my apartment in the summer and love my place here. Its the perfect space for Scott and I. While it inst the largest space it suits us for now. I have my own little studio space here and its been working out very nicely.

tumblr_nambrr7iQU1qgc585o3_1280Here are some inspirational images of studios

tumblr_mvpb2p9mut1slznano1_500 tumblr_mwfqhrvrqq1r5yvt9o1_1280

Here are some items that you can find in stores and online to help with storage and art supplies

studio1. Mason Jar Organizer- C

  • Target
  • Mod Cloth
  • Etsy
  • Home Goods
  • TjMaxx

2. Vintage Tea Cups with Succulents-How to

Goodwill or any thrift store always has neat old dishes and tea cups. You can recreate these by simply filling a ceramic cup or tea cup with cactus soil and little succulents.

You can find succulents like these at Lowes and other home and Garden stores.

3. Organizing Wheel Cart- Where to Get it

  • Ikea
  • Target
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Home Goods
  • Tjmaxx

4. Desk top Organizer- Where to Find it

  • Mod Cloth
  • Target
  • Home Goods
  • Esty

Some more Helpful advice for small places and spaces

  • Find a spot in your place that gives you good light and vibes
  • Get a simple desk that will fit and worry about the storage separate
  • Pintrest has amazing crafty organization ideas!
  • 04d7b38bfca637e9547171bffe7295e1 a142559a89e8f8a5b6e792d10dbd696eea03b81931b886c7b7b786ab2b7b0a4c Adding your own unique touches and inspirations will help give it a special touch.
  • to organize thoughts and keep things clean in an organized manner a cork board can help with any ideas and drawings you want to pin up
  • Creating a nook and making it your own in your space by keeping things simple and unique at the same time will help give you the studio you want while keeping the space in mind.

I hope this helps you get some ideas for your studios!


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