November New Goals

NovemberNew work I made for November! Print available on my society6!-

tumblr_nehrn7RjX21qgc585o1_500Can you believe its November already? Man this year is flying by. I have been super busy with working and commissions and general life things. I have been getting a little stressed with adult things like LOANS, MONEY Car stuff ect. BLAH but It is all things that have to be done unfortunately. Thanks to good music and movies I have been getting through. The other day I got to wear my flowy long skirt and cozy sweater and I drank some tea as I watched Ever After. I know it may seem silly but movies, books and music as well as art are always such a great escape and distraction for me.

Here are some  kind of moody movies I watched recently!

Ever After

Kramer Vs. Kramer

Ice Storm

A Single Man

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind


1. All the Trees of The Field will Clap Their Hands- Sufjan Stevens

2. Lady Divine- Alela Diane

3. Sleepr in The Valley- Laura Viers

4. Coffee-Sylvan Esso

5. Life is Good- Laura Viers

6.Over The Rhine- Born

7.Phox-Calico Man

8. Sea Wolf-Cedar Smoke

9. Here Comes your Ride- Holidays on Ice

Here is a list of some Goals I would like to accomplish

  1. Confidence
  2. Get Healthy again , Do yoga
  3. Get License
  4. Go on adventures and hike on trails
  5. collect beautiful findings from nature
  6. bring sketch book to places and sketch from real life
  7. go to more thrift stores
  8. make new prints for Etsy
  9. Make holiday cards
  10. Go back to library
  11. New art
  12. Keep Dream Journal again
  13. find children’s book publisher

So I gotta stick with this list  guys!

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