Who is the fairest of them All?

This post is dedicated to us pale ladies. I found recently and over the years I have become increasingly obsessed with makeup. That being said I would say many of us ladies have been lured in by all these amazing new products and all natural beauty tips ect. I myself have a huge obsession with eye shadow and lip stick! I am stating to create a collection of these items. Honestly makeup isnt for everyone and thats A OK in my book. If  I felt confident enough to go “O naturell” I would, but alas I have dark circles and the occasional blemish! That being said makeup is just super fun to mess with! Its like painting! Partly why I enjoy it so much I think. Anyways this post is about fair skined ladies and redheads alike. I got a question about makeup and having fair skin and red hair and I am here to try and give you some ideas and inspiration!

All right lets start with some celebrities with redhair and or fair skin!

deefb4ab4262dfaa37f138ddb6dc0a6eEmma Stone who unfortunately is now blonde ( and still looks just as gorgeous) is a very good example of a lady with great makeup and style for fair skin. Her make up here is a little darker and may be good for going out.


a smokey eye always looks great on fair skin or redheads. Mind you don’t want to go overboard with the darker colors and end up looking goth unless thats what you want!

Here is a great subtle smokey eye for day and night from Love Shelby Blog


This particular look was made using NAKED eye shadow! I would Highly recommend NAKED eye shadow for everyone


I am a huge fan of pops of colors on redheads for lips. I love Emma’s plum red lipstick here

I would suggest something like this


NYX is also one of my favorite brands which is inexpensive and works well!


The Lovely Christina Hendricks! So another favorite look for fair skin redheads would be a nice red lipstick, which I would recommend ALABAMA NYX Matte. Pairing the red lipstick with a subtle eye shadow liner and mascara with a soft blush gives both a soft natural look with a sultry red lip!


Highlighter powder is also a nice thing to use to give you the appearance of defined cheek bones and a little glow. I use this stuff everyday. Its so pretty and very subtle. I apply it on my cheekbones or above my cheeks where I would normally apply the blush!

Maybelline3As for foundation I usually apply a layer of coconut oil and then the 115 FIT Maybelline foundation. Its not heavy and blends really well!


For blush I have been using Sephora brand Rose POP pink. It looks super bright but if you just apply a little amount and blend it in well it gives the appearance of a sort of winter cold fairytale pink look!

For more awesome advice on makeup for redheads check out How To Be a Redhead’s website! They have awesome beauty advice!

Here are some photos of myself with various makeup



IMG_7574 IMG_7301 070 022


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