How I Live Now Movie Review

so my really wonderful friend Britney recommended this film to me. I  had never heard of it till she mentioned it. She told me there was a really neat scene with foxes in it.*sort of a spoiler but not really*  Well that got my attention not to mention that I really love Saoirse Ronan. Today I watched the movie and it immediately became a new favorite of mine. From the amazing cinematography to the unique and haunting story , I loved everything about this movie. The film starts out with a very angst ridden teen being sent to live with her cousins in England. There is a fairytale magic feel the beginning half of the film that just draws you in immediately. The British country side and ambient music really allows you to get inside the head of the main character. The film takes a dark turn that has you feeling for the characters and hoping that things turn out. An apocalyptic chaotic story contrasted with the naivety of being a teenager and the amazing acting of Saorise will take you on a unique journey that you wont forget about for days. You can watch this movie on istant netflix! The soundtrack is amazing too! GO WATCH



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