Interview with Julia from Gems and Journals


I got the chance to interview the lovely and super talented Julia who has a killer etsy shop were she sells her handmade jewelery and journals. Her creations are unique,beautiful, and very well priced.  Now we get to know the lady behind the gems and find out how she is inspired to create!




1. Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hello! I’m 23 years old and live in Tallahassee. I’m a studio art and biology major currently working on my applications for an accelerated nursing program. I hope to get my masters in nursing and become a midwife or nurse practitioner. I enjoy cats, reading, watching the food network, and crafting.

  1. What got you started to create the work you do?

It keeps me sane through all my stressful studies. Chemistry really sparked my creativity haha. I had been in a creative slump for the longest time, then when I started my chemistry classes, crafting and creating became my life source. It kept me centered through all the stress. If I needed a distraction I would sit down and learn a new creative skill. I’m a huge supporter of the therapeutic benefits of art and keeping your hands and mind busy.

3. What is your creative process like when you are coming up with the the designs for your jewelry and your journals?

I like to get inspired by materials. I have a huge collection of beads, textiles, patterns, colors. If I respond to it, I collect it. Then I wait for an “aha” moment and let those materials come together. Keeping an inspiration file or blog helps a lot too.

4. You have a very distinct style in your work, where do some of your inspirations come from?

A lot of my inspiration comes from the amazing people I follow on tumblr. I also like perusing anthropologie for ideas. Their expensive but stunning jewelry gave me that extra kick to get into jewelry making.


5. Will working with jewelry and pottery be a long term thing for you? ( I hope it is, since I love your work!)

I think it will be! I picked up both of them recently and there is still so so so much more to learn.

6. Is your jewelry and pottery a creative outlet for you? If so is there any other art forms that you enjoy?

It’s absolutely a creative outlet; I’d go nuts without it. I like that the final product with jewelry and pottery is something that can be utilized on a daily basis. It’s so satisfying using or wearing an item I’ve made. It gives me a sense of pride and confidence. I also enjoy painting and dabble in soft sculpture. I carry a sketchbook everywhere for when I get random bursts of doodle inspiration.

7. You also have such a great style, do you have any designers, stores or fashion icons that inspire that?

Matisse (color palette, big paint strokes, and strong shapes), Kiki Smith, Cathy Cullis, Anthropologie (I surprisingly don’t shop their much, but so much crafting inspiration!), Small Spells pottery, Martina Thornhill, Tiro Tiro jewelry, demimonde jewelry, and countless talented creators on etys.

8. Are you working on any new projects or designs?

I’m taking a wheel throwing class this fall. I am so excited for it, because I’m really horrible at it currently. I’m excited to get better at staying centered and controlled while on the wheel. I also want to explore bead weaving in my jewelry and I’m hoping to take a jewelry metal-smithing class this fall as well. So many things I want to learn haha!


9. Do you sell work anywhere else other than etsy?


I’ve sold a few things to family members and friend. I’d love to get more involved in local markets or craft fairs. Also my mom has a little antique booth and we’ve been talking about selling a few of my things in there. I’m excited to expand and learn more about starting a small business.


10. Any advice to people wanted to sell work on etsy?


My advice would be to take really good pictures. It’s hard to appreciate the beauty of an item if the picture is low quality or cluttered. My favorite etsy shops take the time to style their photos or put their items against a clean white backdrop.


As you can see this lady has a lot of great advice and is such a lovely and creative designer! Please please check out her tumblr and her amazing etsy shop!


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