Wish List!

il_570xN.502153412_dfmm il_570xN.515139446_jtd9 il_570xN.557725545_piq7 il_570xN.570860561_gyhoWe need some pillows for our couches and I absolutely love these beautiful pillow cases  from 5cHome Decor’s etsy shop!

2946cb72cce853c80cb874e417b76a3e 4a5285cf1320251e95d2641f2d9e7eb5I need new basic eye shadow colors and I have always heard great things about the NAKED Urban Decay Basic shadow set! I think for everyday it would be so nice to have. I like the subtle colors and more natural look! Here is a nice tutorial to use from lesimone’s blog!

4d0ff71d2075c0ed2499062a5343a729I am not a huge fan of dramatic makeup or anything, but I enjoy adding softer natural subtle touches when I do my makeup. I need a new highlighter powder and I read some good things about elf’s highlight powder. I have used and currently use some of Elf’s products and I really enjoy both the price of their products and the quality!

04a62467e2d7ad86339d23248421e5e5 fbe894ba4642678744f128755e4f6ab1two fandoms I would say I am obsessed with! KHALEESI is my queen and Harry Potter is just my child hood life! Love Game of Thrones and Harry Potter so much! I need these for fall and winter! You can find these and more at SweaterinBox on esty!

il_570xN.558704730_64w0Love this beautiful handmade mug by Paperclay Studio on Etsy! Want for winter!

ca59cf5e326f8834a3fa145c4ab4c379I really need these!!! So cute! found here!


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