New Tunes to love and Inspire

First-Aid-Kit-600x457 First-Aid-Kit-My-Silver-Lining-video-608x335 First-Aid-Kit-Stay-GoldSo I have enjoyed First Aid Kits wonderful music for sometime now. After the first time they graced my ears with their amazing sound I was hooked. These lovely ladies released a new album titled Stay Gold. I can’t stop listening to the nostalgic and longing music they create. Its like gypsy folk mixed with a 70’s sound that just immediately draws you in! Their voices and their strong talent really cant be denied! GO LISTEN!!!

5b50089279c398fef6ce9b1970e27813 QY0hnMRxAnother all time favorite band of mine, Sea Wolf has a new smaller album out that is just enchanting. Its titled Cedar and Smoke. Their music has always reminded me of fall and something haunting and beautiful. There is something magical to their music that always keeps me coming back.

tumblr_n5cvayhBeL1r3orido2_1280 tumblr_n70z1bRTLh1r2tapyo1_500 7693088_lanafield666Lana Del Rey’s new album Ultraviolence has also been playing on repeat on my itunes lately. Sometimes her lyrics bother me a touch since they can be rather dark and twisted, but honestly her voice and the dreamy quality over powers that and I find myself singing along immediately. There is also something very otherworldly and haunting to her voice and many of her songs from this album have a very 70’s vibe which I love!

I would highly recommend these new albums if you are looking for some good tunes! 🙂


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