Yellow Springs Adventure


So yesterday my mom, her good friend Nancy  and Nancey’s daughter Brianna all went on a little day outing to Yellow Springs OH. I have always had a special spot in my heart for this little town. There is something magical and special about the area. Little neighborhoods crisscrossed with gardens and green trees its got that California feel but in Ohio. Some would call it a hippy town, but I just call it happy and unique. Its full of little shops,stores and cafes offering all kinds of special items. Not only does it have great shopping but all kinds of other activities. There are multiple nature preserves and trails to go one hikes or you can visit a birds of prey rehabilititation center and get a close up view of owls and beautiful birds! A comic and book store known for the black cat that hangs out there, a Pizza place with a crazy mural on the wall and so much more. Its just a lovely place to and escape to !

20140625_143733 (2)20140625_143709 (2)


IMG_20140625_204359 (2)There was this super neat smoke shop with a cafe on the side of it that had a zen garden in the back of it. I could have hung out in that garden all day.

20140625_172127 (2) 20140625_172257 (2)

The comis shop was featuring all this amazing Miyazaki merchandise, such as ginat Totoro stuffed animals and art books. Of course I wanted it all but couldn’t afford that!
20140625_155228 (2)


20140625_143458 (2) 20140625_140516 (2)Theres all these just neat aspects to Yellow Springs that make  me smile. Such as that amazing teapot sculpture at a cafe. In Yellow Springs you will find all kinds of little sculptures and oddities that make it an artistic and beautiful place full of creativity.

At a clothing store we found this amazing antique trunk that had all these little drawers in it. It looked like something from a Wes Anderson movie that one of the eclectic characters would have with them on a journey on a train!

IMG_20140625_203814 (2)20140625_203702 (2) 20140625_203441 (2)

20140625_143807 (2)

Well I came home with some loot. I hade to get something from the Miyazaki shelf at the comic store. so I got a Totoro coin purse and a catbus stuffed animal!!! ❤ I also got A comic called Hinterkind, a wicca necklace featuring a crecent moon, an indian style skirt, a triple goddess bracelet and a neat stone ring! What a fantastic day and what awesome finds!

If you find yourself in Ohio check out Yellow Springs!


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