Summer Time Heat in Full force

Hey Everyone! ITS BEEN WAY TOO LONG! Life got super crazy for a while but all for good reasons. I am all moved into my new place with Scott. We love it here. Its so calming and just a nice space. For those that don’t know I moved into the same building that my sister lives in as well. We are super close and its been so nice to have her there to talk with and hang out with. We have started a little workout routine every night and just share thoughts and ideas and that is extremely comforting and nice to have since I moved into a new place. I have been settling in and adding some touches to the apartment that make it more of our own.

Here are some photos from my instagram of the apartment! 🙂

10446702_10154400267505131_1449609679972649284_n tumblr_n7msahSvWz1qgc585o1_1280Soon I will have some more photos for all of you and more updates!

Since the title of this post is Summer Time Heat in Full, I should mention that I really hate the heat. I can’t wait for fall again! Well for now here is a little outfit combination I made for Summer on Polyvore!





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