Some Spring Essentials

45fb702e67ab2184064076995fb623551. Polka dot dress

Ok So I love a nice Polka dot dress for Spring. The reason being that its a very simple pattern that is fun and eye catching. Rather than florals the polka dots are chic and a sort of more graphic statement for spring. Don’t get me wrong I love florals ( florals for spring, ground breaking) – “Says in Miranda’s voice” , but the polka dots are a fun alternative. Here are a verity of dresses and cuts with some fun polka dots! You cne get a similar style dress from places like H&M, Forever 21,!

289e791e3582ac88f44b320ca220d5af 326cdbd902dfad2fe0f1bcb3aed0a9ca c9b9701924bf9533e39856483d03d686 ca23d9f484897123abbd657d51d1f9da2. Army Green Jacket

I am a huge fan of these sort of army jacket/parka jackets. I have two similar types of jackets that I wear constantly for Spring. They are casual enough to just out on over a cute dress or a T-shirt, but also very piratical when there are some Spring showers afoot. The sort of neutral green color looks really good on many people too! Good places to find something like these would be, H&M and the Gap!

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3, Frilly Socks

Ok, these may be more of my own personal preference/style, but they are a fun and sort of vintage thing to wear during spring. I especially love them paired with some boots, the soft and hardness of that look I think is really neat! I know Urban Outfitters and Target carries some frilly socks for reasonable prices!

12d39524694f5721b8d08362c7fc19a3 1e479c09261756f161b36cec36684326 fd05123724612438c69d2a9b0096dff44. Hat

I really enjoy a good hat! I used to be iffy on wearing them, I thought I would look to try hard. Now hats are very in style and make a fun accessory for Spring! Forever 21 always has cute hats!

1e121b9c9e85c7d1adef11349166986d 9ab5dde3006b13c52d6786eeb754273a 2968ed4bd626dfc5c978220fb3f026ab5.  Oxford Flats

Oxfords are always a nice shoe type for spring, they can be dressy or casual and now you can find a pair of oxfords in almost any color! Payless, Forever21 and many many places carry Oxfords!

4839c7af9d55807bb706552aac693128  680eeccdace8a68c6022e72d9d65293b6. Simple and Unique Jewelry

I love accessorizing with some long necklaces! I like something that’s understated but is also unique! Etsy is a great place to look for similar items!

23e599e405559133e6b535a67dee5854 d5858018fc5c3257c19f93013dd3ddba18c61f0c3130093c21053060f8be41b77, Rosie Blushes

Since its spring, its fun to use warmer and rosier colors to bring out the freshness in your face! I love Sephora brand blushes. Also Tarte brand has a lovely verity of colors!

39ae4b7b6b16ebba82806d2e7c6c6d5e 07618ecf447d640d22d9ce295e1dbd95 35981df9c8e116333a98f845321a15fa8. Coconut oil

These are my go tos for keeping my hair and skin clear and smooth for spring,summer and winter!


9. Fresh Scents

I love perfume, but I am very very picky about what scents I use! I like something earthy but also smells clean and light. I really like the Fresh Sugar spray that can be found at Sephora! I also love Apothic brand perfumes that can be found at Anthropoloogie!

a931cb8a6391752a8e8cf9a6eff08767 7d23144c23c3d95939b461601853ce1c10. Pinks and mauve Lip color

A mauve lip is very pretty sort of natural pink color for spring! Sephora has a plethora of colors to choose from!

0e1170dfe783c524fdb67a38c42a09d5 b612e394d1ac569cd4b1f056aad99369

11. Fun Tote bag

I love fun printed tote bags like these! They make a nice statement with a cute spring look! Etsy has some super cute bags like these!

79054cf2e149a3cf97367cab9b29168b b77c102169b6d8ab3f0a32c01dac8ec5These are some of my Spring essentials! 🙂



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