March Madness

March has been full of crazy things! That being said they have been very good things!

Recently My family and I celebrated some birthdays at the Rhinegeist Brewery

1382859_10154031653775131_506672148_n 1625508_10154031647590131_1020321224_n 1982062_10154005714595131_1178780430_nThe brewery was super neat inside. It was sort of industrial with the brewery machinery right there, and also very hipster at the same time. Notice the string lights above! haah it was a really welcoming environment and the beer was too good! lets just say it was a little too early to be feeling so happy that day! 😉

This was the beer we drank It was called Mastadon. It was so smooth with no bitter after taste


It was fantastic

The other day I went to a comic con in Lexington to sell some work. It was a success and was superfun to see all the comic fans!


My boyfriend came with me and helped me sell work. He was a great salesmen ! 🙂 1979665_10154031656775131_483273076_n

A Few days ago my friend Mandy and I joined my sister at her apartment for a Nostalgia movie night

We watched Care Bears movie, Legend and then decided to watch the finale episode of True Detective. We were all so into that show so we just decided to watch that even though it was nostalgia night!

Here is Mandy interacting with my sisters cat Annie


Lots of wine was involved and some good old fashioned Pizza hut pizza! 🙂

Since its March I have been very ready for some warmer weather and some gardening. Its still somewhat cold here so my mom and myself decided to garden inside and re-pot some plants!

1958314_10154031645300131_2132080486_n 1975238_10154031645285131_577145199_n1170838_10154029742120131_500050223_nI decided to put some Ivy I had in this old tea canister. It makes a great planter!

The other day I got some fun items while I was out shopping

1898282_10154028726750131_1192572671_n1932305_10154020159900131_83218648_nI got those buckle boots from Marshall’s for 34$ Not a bad price if you ask me! I really love them for spring and summer!

I found the perrrrfect watch for myself 😉 At charming Charlies! I love this thing.

So this month has been filled with many events and projects and its been a bit crazy. It has also been extremely rewarding and fun! So thats that for my March update!


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