Joyful gifts from Special People

I celebrated my birthday and Valentine’s day which are both very close to one another. Once again I was reminded that I have some very amazingly wonderful people in my life. It wasn’t just the gifts that I received but also seeing just how much people care and how lucky I am to have these people in my life.

1653396_10153915649565131_924900676_nMy boyfriend’s gifts and my gift’s I received from him. He knows me well! Neil Gaiman’s Graveyard Book, watercolor paper, an orchid, and a sweet note! He is the best!

1798701_10201538157442408_1458828895_n 1013333_10201538153442308_2120302171_nMy friend Gabbie came to town and we had an awesome day shopping with my sister! We also ate a nice restaurant to celebrate! We went back to my sisters place had Gin and tonics and watched Pitch Perfect! šŸ™‚ I love these people and having them in my life.

1794639_10153950609685131_1022883397_nGabbie gave me this beautiful antique book and also a neat antler. She also knows me well and I love this unique gifts!

1016444_10153958121555131_1770888259_nI was surprised by this extremely thoughtful gift I received in the mail from my friend Jillian. It was a thank you for helping design her business cards. She was such an amazing joy to work with and we also have many things in common. To think one of my clients sends me a gift is just another example of how lovely people can be and how special it is to find such kind people!

IMG_9496 IMG_9497 IMG_9498

My brother got me that neat terrarium box thing, which I loved!!! My plant collection has been growing a lot lately!IMG_9502I also received this amazingly good coffee from My friend Alissa. This was so kind and thoughtful. That coffee was “literally.. some of the best coffee I have ever had” says in Chris’s voice from Parks and Rec. hahah šŸ™‚ so awesome ā¤

These are just some thing great moments I have been enjoying lately. I am so happy to have topeople I do in my life. Both Near and Far!


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