Honey The Mirical product?

Ok so I have been on a beauty and health kick as of late. I have a work out routine, I drink more water, moisturize, take my makeup off at night ect.  I am now moving on to hair care. I am not a wealthy blogger, I can’t afford expensive organic items like some, that being said I try to buy things that are still quality just not as pricey. So in my search and pondering for what to do to improve my hair care routine, I thought about the recent natural hair craze.. HONEY.  I posted on my tumblr asking about it and got some good responses. I know a friend who washes her hair with honey too. Her hair always looks healthy and its super long too.  My main hesitation to this new hair craze is the idea of my hair not smelling “clean”. I have always been a big cleanly person, I love to clean, I love grooming, I enjoy long showers where I can shave ect. Part of that love is feeling clean and smelling clean. I love when I come out of the shower and my hair smells good! So I am hesitant to try the honey for this little issue.

I have been using Natures Gate shampoo and conditioner which smells so wonderful and earthy and clean and floral! Its much better as far as organic goes than something like say Dove or another commercial shampoo brand. I love the product but I want to try something that will make my hair healthier.


One of my lovely tumblr peoples mentioned Free People’s awesome blog post about this very topic. One of their bloggers has been documenting her usage of honey for shampoo! I loved her honesty and informative post!

You can find the posts here-http://blog.freepeople.com/2014/01/shampoo-honey-washing-week-1/

Here are some photos from the blog post as well

day3 Honey-dripI like this ladies outfits in all of her posts! Also she probably has a similar hair type to myself so this was also helpful! Anyways…

My conclusion is… to buy some organic honey, and maybe try to do this twice a week. For conditioner ( since my hair needs some moisture in it due to cold weather) I thought I might try a product that was mentioned in my tumblr responses ( thanks again!).

It called Godiva 2-in-1 jasmine shampoo with conditioning butters!!!

31Nxu9CeK4LIts 11.95 for this little guy. You can find them here

I might buy this soon after I get paid.

I will let you guys know how this all goes down! 🙂

Thanks for listening my fellow bloggers and readers!



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