A day of Health and Rejuvenation

So recently I have had on and off sinus infections. They are so incredibly annoying. I decided instead of just getting an antibiotic I want to kick this sickness myself! Here are some things I have been doing to help! Hopefully if you are like me and get chronic sinuses these will help you too!


This Breath Easy tea seems to help me a lot. It helps my nose and throat. Its calming and minty and just makes you feel better all around. 300

I am kind of picky about certain cough drops. I like just the regular cherry menthol ones, but these are even better. I think the lemon is a nice change and the mint makes my nose and throat feel better! **** and they are sugar free!8595033_f520Ok so when I am sick for a while I start to feel so blah and just unattractive. So I like to treat myself and make my self feel a little better by doing things like making facial masks or hair masks ect. I tried this nice little mask and it worked really well. It made my skin tone more even and made my face feel awake and clean!  You can find more info on this mask here!

I drink a lot of tea on a regular basis but when I am sick I drink so much tea its ridiculous! So the other day I made a mixture of black tea given to me by an awesome friend, and chamomile lavender tea! It was so good together! I also love to mix in honey and lemon with the tea. Its supposed to help your throat!

IMG_9314 IMG_9315 IMG_9316 IMG_9320 IMG_9321I hope some of these remedies help with your winter colds and sinuses!


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