Interview With Sara @thecoppersun

This new interview features the beautiful,stylish and well spoken Sara from
I have been following her for a little while and from what she posts and rebloggs I just knew I had to interview her. Adventurous and kind and full of good wisdom here is Sara!
1. Tell us a bit about yourself!
My Name is Sara Michelle De Monbrun and I was born and raised in Southern California, namely the Santa Clarita Valley. I am a girl driven by her dreams. My passions are obvious, and regularly incorporated into my day to day life. Music is always in the air, design constantly catching my eye, the perfect picture waiting to be taken and the tastiest meal prepared by days end. I want to travel the entire world, and cultivate the warmest home-base at the same time. I have an eye for fashion, mind for the arts, and heart for the masses. I intended to live graciously, help wholeheartedly and inspire along the way. Inline image 10Inline image 1

2. I really enjoy your tumblr and your style, what are some of the things that inspire your style and your interests?

Why, thank you! Honestly, the weather inspires me most. Because I grew up in Southern California, 72 degrees and sunny was the average forecast year round; Does not give much room for options! Now, since living in the Bay Area, the micro climates have given my closet so much more versatility! I am so thankful for that! When the Fall and Winter months are upon us, it is RICH jewel tones, heavy knits, neutral palettes and many accessories; Beanies, floppy hats, knee high stockings and riding boots! I definitely think my style blends perfectly with the swirling gray clouds and muted earth tones on the ground. When Spring and Summer hit, it is much more of a colorful closet. Pastels, flowing dresses and skirts, crop tops and sandals! The sun, flowers, and light feel in the air is perfectly reflected in my clothing. No matter what, nature and climate inspire me. I am a child of the wilderness and do everything I can to be apart of it. I am inspired by beautiful mountains, green pastures, colorful skies and rustic terrain. The earths resources sit to be eaten at my beautiful table naturally decorated with its leaves and blossoming flowers, with the man I love across the other end. From food, to fashion, to falling in love…the world inspires me. The earth’s natural beauty is what enforces my personal style. Inline image 15Inline image 14
3. What is an average day like for you?
An average work day for me is 7:30am wake up call. 9 hours with the sweetest toddler on the planet, as her nanny, gallivanting around San Francisco’s parks, museums and beaches; Stop at the Farmers Market to grab a few items for the kitchen, then home to cook. Have some wine and relax with my love, Shawn.
On a weekend, I am up usually no later than 9am, get a quick exercise in, and back home to make a yummy breakfast. Eat with Shawn and usually get ready for the day with adventure in mind! Whether it is catching an SF Giants Baseball Game, a trip to City Lights Bookstore in North Beach, or heading across the Golden Gate Bridge for a hike in Muir Woods, we try to do as much as we can in this amazing city we are in! San Francisco inspires me every single day!Inline image 3Inline image 11Inline image 5

4. Are there any designers,artists,movies that speak to you or influence you?

I have a lot of love for ANYONE that is living their dream, inspiring other and keeping “the exception” alive!
As far as designers, I think of fashion – The ones that inspire me most are Michael Kors, Zac Posen, Marc Jacobs, Elie Saab, and Zuhair Murad. Michael, Zac, and Marc all sleek, American, jet-set chic designers with clean lines and bold blocking. All pocket pinchers but clothes that totally stand the test of time. Elie and Zuhair are brilliant with detail, particularly in evening gowns. Such true visual artists. It would be a dream come true to be able to wear a creation of theirs one day!
George Harrison is the artist/musician that I admire most in life. So much of his appeal is beyond being the Lead Guitarist of The Beatles. (Hard to “Imagine”- PUN!) He was a visionary and spiritual pioneer for the Hindu belief system and such an advocate for Transcendental Meditation. Learning about his spiritual enlightenment and pathway to peace has given me the desire to seek a higher level of serenity in my life.
I know it is a rather silly “chick flick” type but I think the ideals behind “Eat, Pray, Love”  are all that humans need. Savor your surroundings and the nourishment you receive. Be in touch with your higher power; Humble yourself and know your maker in order to know yourself. And LOVE. Hard. Fall, and be vulnerable and make love and share your soul. It is what we were made to do in this one life we have! Just live wholly. Be present and in awe;Because this life is awesome.
5. You always look so lovely in your pictures do you have any  favorite beauty products that you love?
I do! In my day to day:
First, my face wash is “Angels on Bare Skin” by Lush Cosmetics. Has really helped even out my dry skin in this crazy SF weather.
Usually on my face I use “Twighlight” FreshFace Glow Moisterizer by Fresh Cosmetics. STUNNING! Unfortunately, Fresh just discontinued this product, so I am very sad. It gives the best dewy finish to your complexion. It’s gorgeous. Since running out, I have been using “Vanilla Glow” Tinted Beauty Balm by Too Faced. Gives great moisture with a light tint to even out my skin! My last “go-to” product is my “Sugar” Lip Treatment in Plum by Fresh Cosmetics. All of those together with a Hula Matte cheek, and a dash of mascara and we are set!Inline image 7Inline image 8
******For a special (sexy) evening out, throw on Mac’s “Burgundy” lip liner, fill in with Mac’s “Diva” lipstick and you will have your man swooning!! (Much like Shawn does 😉
Inline image 6


6. What are some goals for you in the future?

I would like to go back to school and put my creative foot forward working eventually as a Disney Imagineer. I would be overjoyed to create things for the animation GIANT! Disney has become so much bigger than a mouse. It’s incredible.

7. Do you have a fashion role model that inspires you?

Honestly, I am influenced by everyone from the Olson Twins, to Daphne Guinness, to Kate Winslet. I am capable of boho-chic as well as simple stripes and boyfriend jeans.
8. Are you looking forward to anything in this new year?
Travel! Cross country road trip with my love, followed by a full month on the east coast in Virginia, followed by 10 days in Alaska, with talk of a trip to Spain or even Nepal!! Not to  meant ion sprinkled weekend getaways here and there. It is due to be a fabulous year!
9. How did you find out about tumblr and would you ever make a separate blog for lifestyle? I think you would have a great Life style blog! 😉
Well, thank you so much! I am very flattered! A friend of mine had created one and got me hooked to the pastime! If I did indeed create a “Lifestyle Blog” I would really want to commit to it. If I do anything, it is full throttle. Maybe over summer, I will muster the energy and time to truly dive in! I will surely have a fantastic foundation to build upon with all the travel documentation!
10. Do you have any advice for us twenty something or others!?

Work hard. Wake up every day and be present. Take care of your responsibilities and keep your dreams alive. All of your days spent with your mouth shut and nose to the grind stone will pay off. I promise you – this comes from a former 15 year old girl, stamping her overtired time card. Dreaming of a car that didnt break down, stamps in her passport instead and of her great love in the big city. Well, I am a Prius owner with travel under my belt. As for my great love….Ask Shawn how we are making it here in San Francisco 😉Inline image 12Inline image 13
Inline image 9
Thank you so much for the love, my dear!
Do not forget to check out her lovely blog and follow her there!

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