My Beauty list



  1. beauty 2Natures Gate Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner– OK first of all the smell of this is amazing. Its very natural and reminds me of a hippy shop. Do not be alarmed by the brown color! Its so simple and never makes my hair feel weighted down. I like that its a natural product but still has a really nice smell to it.
  2. COCONUT OIL- So I know there is a lot of hype around this product but yeah its a miracle worker! I use it for my face moisturizer, skin, and hair. Its a natural antibiotic so if you sometimes get acne I recommend this. It evens out skin tone and really keeps your skins super soft.
  3. Moroccan Argon Oil– This stuff is really the only thing that seems to keep my hair feeling healthy and shiny. Its a great product and seems to work for my hair. If you get dry hair and flyaways I recommend this stuff. Its a great product to use if you straighten or style your hair often. It will keep it healthy and shiny!
  4. NYX Highlight and Contour Powder- So I do not own this but I am planning on buying this. I have been really into beauty and makeup lately and want to try the contour thing. I love highlights on the face it really seems to brighten everything. My sister has recommended NYX brand to me since its a good quality brand yet not that expensive. More info on this powder once I purchase it!
  5. Maybelline Elixir Amethyst Potion– I saw the commercial for this lip gloss and was immediately wanting to buy it. I am super obsessed with lip stick, lip balm ect. as well as all these awesome plums and darker colors.  This gloss is great, not only does it keep my lips glossy and moisturized it also stays on for a decent amount of time. The color is really saturated and nice. Its a great going out lip gloss, plus that particular shade Amethyst Potion’s name is just awesome in itself!
  6. FIT Maybelline Liquid Foundation-  So for me its hard to find an inexpensive, not heavy, clean foundation that doesn’t make my skin look orange. The best brand I have found for my paler complexion is the FIT line of foundation from Maybelline. It covers nicely and blends well. It is light and not oily which for my skin is really nice.
  7. FIT Maybelline Powder Foundation- This powder is really nice. Its nothing super special but it works really well for your basic cover powder. Paired with the liquid foundation it is easily applied and blends well.
  8. Sephora Brown Eye Palette-  This eye shadow mix is so awesome. If you have brown eyes these colors a perfectly made to contrast and bring out your eyes. I love the gold tones and the smokey purples. I used this every day!
  9. NYX Eye Primer- I have used eye primers before and some that are more expensive than NYX brand and honestly this stuff has worked the best for me! This makes my eyeshadow last till the next day!
  10. Sephora Rose Pop Blush- My sister recently got this awesome blush for me as an early Birthday present. If you have pale skin like myself you will find that this lush blush appears almost as if you have been on a cold winter’s walk on your face. Its so pretty! I absolutely love it!

Well thats really what I use almost everyday! Enjoy and I highly recommenced these products!



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