Music List Of 2014


warpaint Warpaint+3_photo+by+Angel+Ceballos warpaint1


These lovely ladies are amazing! They have a certain dream like quality to their music that is captivating. Their droning electronic ambient sounds mixed with the female singers haunting voices really create an experience and atmosphere. I can’t help but love them on a rainy moody day. One of the singers from this band Jenny Lee Lindberg, is the sister to Shannyn Sossamon. You May recognize her from the film Wristcutters. I just thought that was a fun little Fact. Their new album gets released tomorrow! You can get a sneak peak and listen to the new tracks on NPR’s website!


Another band I have been listening to lately is Daughter.

Photographyby_StaceyHatfield_Daughter_IMG_5577 Daughter daughter-540x304 daughter-bandMan  I never Knew how beautiful the leas singer Elena Tonra is.  I love this band. Their music and lyrics really speak to our generation. If you listen closely there is a lot of heart break and insight. Her voice has that special quality that seems like its very easy for her to just let the words come out, yet its so beautiful and angelic. I love the beats and guitar going on the background the combination its so amazing. I could listen to them nonstop.

-mHmcb8LFkfRV1dC_mSFniQZfJDzTIjvIK909TAw_9QMmY8rcWWzhKqCLcE7XTOska8iCTxdoaSqoz0nfmsBj-Mnavc=w480-h500-o-kAnother collection of music I have been listening to is  The Secret Life of Walter Mitty soundtrack. This movie ( which I have yet to see! ) has some great songs in its soundtrack. Jose Gonzalez for one,  Of Monsters and Men, Rogue Wave and more. Its a great in your car road trip type of soundtrack!



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