Golden Globes 2014 Dress Review


Golden Globes 2014 Review:

So I thought this year was a good year as far as movies go. I think better than last year in my opinion. Some of my favorites that I saw were American Hustle, August Osage County, and Dallas Buyer”s Club. I thought Jared Leto deserved to win. He was amazing in Dallas Buyers Club. I am so glad Jennifer Lawrence won! MY HOME GIRL! I have not seen 12 Years a Slave And I know I should! I still also need to see a few other films from the Globes picks. I felt very satisfied with the winners and overall feel of the awards ceremony this year. Mostly due to Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. The comedic duo kept the show lively and somewhat tasteful and completely un-sexist so it was a nice change!


ok on to Dress Reviews! There were a few I really liked but not as many as I would have  liked!slide_331487_3313284_free

Elizabeth Moss’s dress was really different and I enjoyed how sparkly it was. I am not a big fan of the short capped sleeves but I enjoy a good sleeve. Maybe if they were a bit longer? Over all I enjoyed her dress!slide_331487_3313700_free

Lily Rabe’s dress caught my eye. I love the omdre effect it has with the jewels. I thought she looked pretty and elegant nothing too over the top. It also might just be my affinity for her character on AHS though! hahaNBC's "71st Annual Golden Globe Awards" - Arrivals tumblr_mzbclbERdH1qcbk34o1_500 Cate Blanchett looked regal and elegant and just plain gorgeous. I love how idk queen like she is. She is so well spoken and diplomatic. I love her smile! Her dress was gorgeous. Probably my favorite. The lace details and the amazing open back. For a somewhat older lady she looked sex as hell. Loved her styling and makeup as well!tumblr_mzbde5wvED1rrb9xco1_500

OK So these two are probably two of my favorite actresses right now ( Amy Adams included in this little group) But I love this particular photo!!! They look so excited and happy to see one another! Seeing them interact brings my fan girl out! Jessica Chastain is as always soooooo beautiful and looks like the real life classy version of Jessica Rabbit! GIRL CRUSH! More about JLAW and her further down! tumblr_mzbe7dH4fQ1qbvlsuo1_250 tumblr_mzbe7dH4fQ1qbvlsuo2_250OK Jessica never fails when it comes to award shows lately. She looked so sexy and beautiful at the Globes. Her hair was amazing. Her makeup is always flawless and perfect. She is a great redhead idol to look up to! Her dress was perfect. I find black or dark Navy blue to be a super flattering color for redheads and she just looked so elegant and her body omg…. ok sorry fan giriling again! 

tumblr_mzbej7Fiom1qg8n5oo1_500 tumblr_mzbf93pElB1rrb9xco1_500ok on to Jennifer Lawrence. I think the people who know me personaly kow my obsession with this girl. I mean the majority of people find her to be amazing, funny and down to earth as well as gorgeous and I am right there with them. So I love her, but this dress was kind of a let down for me. I know she has a contract with Dior but I wish she would wear something similar to Jessica. She has a similar body and I feel like her stylists always put her in odd basic color blocked things. I think the dress was simple and just kind of lack luster and Jennifer is neither of those things. I mean don’t get me wrong honestly JLaw can’t really do anything wrong and I am not hating on bit. I guess I was just excited to see her in something more POW! That being said her makeup and styling was gorgeous. She has one of the most beautiful and unique faces I have ever seen , and yea her body!!!! Inspiration!!! ok yes there is my Jennifer speil! tumblr_mzbfd26I7O1rsbidco1_500Amy and Tina rocked their looks and looks so awesome and curvy and they really are so hilarious. If you look up their dresses from last year they are wearing the opposite colors! So clever those two ladies! tumblr_mzbid6Q0yf1qa219lo2_500

I was laughing so hard at amy here! tumblr_mzbiurI9y91rrb9xco1_500

Jlaw was a cutie and so pretty when she excepted her award!tumblr_mzbj3dj0tF1qz581wo1_500OK Emma Thompson was honestly one of my favorite parts of the Globes. Drink in hand no shoes and slightly slurred talk she was basically a queen up there. I love her.  tumblr_mzbqanDwGT1qhhxd4o1_500 tumblr_mzc87hx5hK1qhhxd4o1_500

All in all Jessica Stole the show for me as far as looks and dress. I mean she is glowing here. tumblr_mzcox0lQCT1qbsbnoo1_500And I included these fun Polaroid shots from behind the scenes at the Globes.  What can I say? I love seeing actors and actresses all in one place and interacting. 🙂


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