Winter is here!

Recently I went to Troy Ohio with my Sister to visit one of our very best friends Gabbie. she recently got a new apartment and we wanted to see it as well as go to the premier of the Catching Fire Movie. It was an amazing weekend. We wore or Katniss inspired clothes and had our Mockingjay pins on as well as a braid. We were so excited.


Before we went to see the film we got dinner at a restaurant right next to Gabbie’s apartment. Literally like right there haha. It was amazingly good! We chatted and ate and discussed our excitement for the movie! The movie was just plain amazing. I am huge Hunger Games fan, as well as a huge Jennifer Lawrence fan. We were all floored by how accurately the movie felt just like the book. I still can’t stop thinking about the movie to  be honest.I really cant even do a decent review of the movie due to how amazing it was. I can however,say that I want every clothing item Jennifer Lawrence had on. Anyways, we hung out at Gabbie’s apartment and it was great. Her place was super awesome and modern. We spent the evening after the film chatting, drinking champagne and watching Grease, yes thats right Grease, because why not!? It was awesome.


The next morning Gabbie took us on a tour of her home town. It was so cute and felt very homey and cozy. We went to a couple vintage stores, a craft beer store, a vintage book store, and a coffee shop that led into the book store. It was so much fun just to window shop and explore a new place. It was super cold out and began to snow! The feeling of Christmas and the holidays was really starting to become more apparent there.


I loved this ! It was just on the side of a building. 🙂


We went to another super cute shop that basically looked like A Christmas Wonderland!


IMG_9108 IMG_9109


1476086_10153581025565131_1122971591_nWe also ventured to the Vintage book store! It was an awesome trip! I am so ready for winter and snow now!


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