New Clothing !

The other day my sister and I decided randomly to go to the local Goodwill thrift store as well the super marked down stor called Gabriell brothers near us. Well we ended up getting some awesome stuff and for super cheap! I also decided to go to Barnes and Noble with my boyfriend and ended up with a new journal and sketchbook as well as an adorable backpack that resembles something Bilbo has in the Hobbit movie. I can easily say that I came back with some new favorite items.


I also got some new lip stick that I decided to mix together. The result was a super pretty rosey color!IMG_9055

The one thing I got that I am head over hills about are these amazing flats!

IMG_9065Originally 60 dollars but I got them for ten thanks to Gabriell brothers

IMG_9064Then there is this awesome bag from Barnes and Noble half off! It also has a nice slot for my computer to go in too!

IMG_9061 I really likemy journal and the size of the Sketch book!

tumblr_mwfpemafAj1qgc585o1_1280 I did some sketching the other day


Then there is this super adorable Fox knit print shirt. It looks like it could be from Anthropologie right? Only 7 bucks


Got this skirt from good will for like a buck! IMG_9070

IMG_9071 IMG_9073 Here are some outfit pairings I came up with!

Will post some photos of myself wearing these new digs soon!


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