Fall Scarf Giveaway!

So as many of you know myself and Cristina Rose at violet-woods.blogspot.com are in love with the season of fall. So we decided to send each other autumnal packages of goodies to one another this fall.

IMG_8750Here is a snippet of one of the packages I sent to Cristina

I received my package with extreme excitement. In my package were so many lovely things I could hardly contain myself.

Cristina gave me some beautiful inks, a polka dot peter pan collar dress, and some teas among a few other lovely trinkets!

The star of my amazing Package were the hand knit scarves that she made.



To share our love of Fall Cristina and I are doing a Fall GIVEAWAY for the Maple Carmel knit scarf.

fall giveaway 2013-24-10 11-59-

IMG_8893 2013-24-10 11-59-

IMG_8899 2013-24-10 11-59-

We want to share our love of fall and fall clothing with all of you!

Info:This Hand Knit Cowl Scarf was created by the talented and amazing Cristina Rose.

+ Wool cowl is a maple/caramel color

+ Measures all together 58 inches in length

+ Hand wash and dry flat!

+ Yarn is sourced from families that are ethically paid and sheep that are ethically treated

1395053_210010989179169_1659232003_n 1396472_210010992512502_1606976475_n

*This scarf is extremely cozy and warm. It is a perfect fall/winter accessory!


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Leave a Message on this post with your name and email!

We will do a random draw and pick the winner on November 8th

The Giveaway ends: November 8th

Good luck lovelies!


27 thoughts on “Fall Scarf Giveaway!

  1. I’m following you on bloglovin. Does that count or do I need a wordpress? Thank you! I love Cristina’s beautiful work and I, too, adore fall! Going to start reading your blog, I love what I’ve seen already. ❤ happy autumn.

  2. Brianne Schodowski
    I do not have a blogspot or wordpress so I could not follow either of your other blogs but I followed both Etsys and tumblrs!! Hope that counts :] because that scarf is so lovely!! Have a blessed day!

  3. Hi! I follow both your tumblrs, I follow you on wordpress and cristina on bloglovin, favourited you both on etsy (is that what you mean?). You know my email 🙂
    Thank you!

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