Guest Post by Daisy

Breaking Plaid


Daisy Ross is a thrifting enthusiant and part-time fashion blogger for Singer22. If she could figure out how to make her walls plaid, she would.


Paul Bunyon has come a long way, baby. Lumberjack shirts are no longer for just those swinging or shredding axes. A plaid, button-up shirt has become an American staple; right next to good ol’ blue jeans (though rarely simply blue, of late). Like it or not, it’s here to stay.


Iro – Britton Shirt

Even a couple decades ago, the flannel shirt was still relegated to the closets of Northwest-rock-loving grunge ‘trendsetters’ or your friend’s dad, who hunts eight different species of animal (seasonally, of course). Now a presumed layer in the every day battle of dressing for the elements, you can choose from paper-thin and luxuriously soft tartans to rugged, thick woolen prints.



Elizabeth and James – Max Shirt

Wear loose and unbuttoned over a dress for a casual vibe and roll up the sleeves for maximum laid-back chic.




Photo source: Zigoti

Drape around your shoulders for a vintage-y feel (pearls optional), or tie one around your waist to do the beachy, ’90s thing.



Dunst's Casual Style

Kirsten Dunst, Photo source: I’mNotObsessed

For a crisp, tailored look, start with thin-stripe, small-patterned checks, button the neckline to the very top and wear tucked into high-waisted trousers.




Photo source: AliExpress


For the outdoors-y gal, a cozy flannel is the perfectly accessory for scrambling across creeks while gathering elderberries and holly on an autumn stroll.




H&M – Cotton Shirt

Tartan prints, the national dress of Scotland, were banned in that country from 1745-1782 after Bonnie Prince Charlie’s failed rebellion. Somehow, uprisings or no, I doubt there will be a forty-year period where the plaid shirt remains out-of-fashion ever again…


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