Fall Tv Show To Look Forward to: American Horror Story Coven

I got a text from my good friend Britney today telling me about the new American Horror story season Called Coven. We both agreed it looks pretty awesome. I have to admit, I was not that big of a fan of what I saw of the first season of American Horror story. The plot line left no hint of how time passed and It was all shock value. That being said I should probably go back an watch the whole thing. When you have a boyfriend who is a totally horror fan and an extreme movie buff, and a sister who makes it sound rather convincing, then Its hard not to listen to them. There is also the fact that tumblr is totally obsessed with the show and especially the character Tate who everyone seems to think is heart throbb! Unfortunately tumblr has a rep for exposing the story of tv shows, so I practically know the all about the whole first season’s plot. I will go and watch the first and second season though I promise guys. I have heard too many good things not to. I too am a sort of  feminist horror fan, so when I saw the promo’s for the new season, Coven I got pretty excited. I have always been interested in witch lore,Hallowee,wicca, fem stuff ect.  so as soon as I heard about this new American Horror Story I was getting pretty excited. I am very excited to see how they approach this season. I am sure Jessica Lange will give us her usual amazing performance. I am also fond of  Vera Farmiga so I am sure that Taissa Farmiga will also be great! I love that the setting is New Orleans, the perfect place for both witch craft and Voodo! I am very excited for this new season and the approach of fall and Halloween!

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4 thoughts on “Fall Tv Show To Look Forward to: American Horror Story Coven

  1. It definitely looks very good. Hopefully this does well and we’ll get more witch-related stuff on TV and in theaters!

  2. That does look interesting. I got through the first season but I wasn’t thrilled and I only saw a bit of second season–but I feel I want to go back and watch it. Coven looks awesome and would probably be what I’m most interested in!

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