Interview with Christina of Forest-Dreams!

Recently I did a post about Forest -Dreams ! After I did the post Christina was nice enough to contact me and thank me for the post. I then became tumblr friends with her and I just knew we had some things in common. I love her fashion taste and her amazing beautiful and clean designs she does.  I got to ask some questions to christina some questions the other day!

1.     Tell us a bit about yourself!

Ummm well, I’m 23 years old and I study computer science, hoping I’ll be able to graduate next year! The last years I work as a freelance web designer, mainly designing blogs because I don’t have the time for bigger projects. On a more personal aspect, I’m a helpless and lovestruck dreamer, mainly because I love the worlds in the books more than the real one. I used to write some let-me-call-it poetry – falling in love helped a lot – but lately I feel like I can’t find inspiration… I like thinking of myself as different and weird and I know it sounds the biggest cliche to say I’m just the type of girl that loves books, nature and believes in true love..! I wish I could write a book someday, but most of the times I start writing something I feel like my words are not good enough to express my thoughts.


2.     I know from looking at your blog and tumblr that you love fashion! Do you have any designers that inspire you, or that you could say are your favorites?

I used to watch collections and haute couture and all that when I was younger but no so much any more.. (I really liked Miu Miu, Mulberry and Prada these last years but only of what I’ve seen online, I don’t go searching for their new collections each season.) I love finding new small brands like Dear Creatures, Alexandra Grecco, It’s Okay My Dear, White Pepper and more, they have lovely clothes, more casual and affordable!

3.     How did you get started in the blogging world?

I started my blog under the name “Where the wild roses grow” around 2009 to write poetry and post photos that I liked. Obviously I had less than 100 followers for a long time..! I kept changing my blog layout all the time to practice!

4.       You are also a web designer what is that like? (I am in love with your designs! )
Actually I only design blogs this far (I call it web design to show that I can do websites as well), because I’m still in university and I don’t have the time to do big projects. (I would also need to do a lot of reading to tell the truth!)
I love the fact that I can earn money by being creative and doing something I really like (I started trying on web design before I even got to university just because I liked it!)! It’s also great that I get to work with so many people from all the places of the world and gain experience from that! And I’m glad you like my work!

jessiam katta

5.       What inspired your designs and fashion choices?
My style – if I can call it this way – in fashion has changed between the years, when I was in high school I was into all-black, black hair, a little Tim Burton/Addams Family style..! Then it changed to more “rock”, then it went completely girly with collars and all, but now I try to combine some styles because I already look younger than I am and try to dress more feminine with a little girly or grunge now and then..! I get inspired by street style blogs mainly and my ultimate fashion inspiration is Alexa Chung, cliche I know but I always picture her outfits and how she’d wear something when I’m not sure! In the design process I mainly get inspired by reading other design blogs, designers’ pinterests, wherever I can find inspiration I get stuck for hours!

6.       Are you looking forward to anything in particular?
Most of all I’m looking forward to finishing university, the whole system is not as well organised as in other countries and I just want to be finished and done with it. After that I long to go to England, for a trip or to live (that’s a big dream), but it’s not something I can do easily so I keep dreaming. I also really look forward living with my boyfriend again and getting a real job to be able to live on my own.

7.       Are there any books or films that  have inspired you recently?
Books inspire me mainly on my daydreaming, like  writing little poems or thinking of other worlds.. Movies, no I wouldn’t say that I’ve had any inspiration from movies lately.

8.     What is a normal day for you?
Ah, I wish I had a better answer for that, but the last year was really boring for me. I mainly sit in the computer for hours to work and browse around and go out with my friend or my boyfriend. These months I also went to the sea some times a week, it’s really close to where I live! Now that it’s autumn again, I’m looking forward to starting ballet again, do more things with my boyfriend, take trips and finally read loads of books by the fireside!

9.       When you go shopping what do you look for?
I mainly buy things that I can wear both every day (to go for a coffe for example) and on nights out! I don’t buy really formal clothing because there’s nowhere to wear them at, except a dresse or two, a skirt or a pair of trousers! I buy things that can be mixed in many outfits and create various styles. I also try to buy things that don’t make me look younger than I already look, I really can’t stand when people think I’m 18..!!
10.   What is you ideal future like? Any goals you want to accomplish?
My ideal future would be living with my boyfriend in another country, doing a job I like. To tell the truth I don’t really care what job I would do if I could do live with him, especially in England for example. I try to be more realistic because this isn’t something we can easily do now, with the crisis and all, but there’s no harm in dreaming…! Another too distant dream would be to be able to have a shop of my own, a dreamy bookshop with a place next to it where people could dring their coffee/tea and eat homemade cakes/pastries!

Thanks for the interview Hannah!!

All Images from
Christina Galani


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