Pushing Daisies love!

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Obviously I am obsessed with fall time! I am just waiting for the weather to turn crisp and the leaves to fall. I decided to get myself in the mood and to help pass the time while I work on some art by re-watching one of my favorite shows, Pushing Daisies.  If you have not watched this show…. DO IT NOW. Its  dark, humerus, cute, and witty.  The style is very old fashioned and 1940’s looking but still modern. The music is very Danny Elfman and it just one of the most charming shows I have ever seen. Unfortunately,  general audiences that watch TV would rather watch reality shows about evil overweight dance teachers instead of an intelligent witty show, so Pushing Daisies was cut short. There are only a few season’s but they are so worth watching. Great acting, pretty people and Pies. This show is so wonderful. I just watched the Halloween episode and I had to make a little Polyvore creation based off the oldfashioned Halloween feel! Go watch this show!


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