Music Inspiration

 Mariee Sioux is an American folk singer-songwriter. Her father is a mandolin player of Polish and Hungarian descent, and her mother Felicia is of Spanish, Paiute, and Indigenous Mexican descent. Her music is purely haunting. The lyrics represent her heritage and are extremely moving and inspiring. I keep finding I listen to her when I want to create art work. She has a new album coming soon called Gift for the End. “Mariee Sioux’s second album, draws its benevolent psychedelia from many sources. crisscrossed paths lead through California-folk like Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Kate Wolf, and Joanna Newsom, but also the likes of Linda Perhacs, Nick Drake and other UK psych folk staples.”

She Will always be one of my favorite song writers and musician. So beautiful.

tumblr_inline_mqdv53dqEn1qz4rgp tumblr_mobkuc03na1supwdao1_500 tumblr_mqjy7ekxii1rqe5b6o1_500 SLIDE-3-Mariee-Sioux e8aa44a32e4640337290415cab331ef3



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