Dreamcatchers, from a lovely Dreamer!

IMG_8469 2013-12-08 21-40-

IMG_8474 2013-12-08 21-40-

IMG_8475 2013-12-08 21-42-

IMG_8477 2013-12-08 21-42-

IMG_8478 2013-12-08 21-43-

IMG_8486 2013-12-08 21-44-

IMG_8491 2013-12-08 21-45-

I have been collaborating and sharing inspiration with the lovely Cristina Rose all summer. She is so amazing and such a great  friend. Recently I bought one of her gorgeous handmade dream catcher wall hangers, She is selling them on her etsy! I was so pleased today when it came in the mail. Not only did she send me the beautiful creation, but a lovely lace headband, a wolf dream catcher and a beautiful dark and mysterious photograph  by the amazing photographer Courtney Townsend as seen above. The little package was truly amazing and lovely. I hung up my wall decoration and dream catcher tonight while the rain came down outside. It was the perfect setting and Cristina’s creations just made the evening even more magical.


Please check out her blog, etsy and tumblr.


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