Codi Ann Thomsen : Photographer spotlight

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I recently found out about the lovely photographer Codi Ann Thomsen through Kinfolk Magazine.

I love her photos. They really just capture that sense of travel and wanderlust I often have. Please check out her photos on her blog and website

About Codi Ann Thomsen

Codi Ann Thomsen is an interdisciplinary artist/craftsman, researcher, writer and mail-maker currently planted in the Chicago-land area. She specializes and indulges in far too many mediums to count off on her own fingers but she frequently spends her time freelancing, in front of her 1946 Smith-Corona typewriter or making handmade books.

Much of her work and writing delves into human connection and experience; i.e. loneliness, compassion, togetherness, how we form meaningful relationships and how we become better versions of ourselves. She spends many hours a week communicating and creating bonds with strangers through the act of letter-writing and mail-art and often finds herself awake at night wondering about those who are also sleepless and wondering.


In her free time, she focuses on her own personal growth; travel, meeting friends-she-hasn’t-met-yet, becoming a better version of herself, wandering and trying to tackle a unbearably long list she has stashed in her studio titled “Things to Learn.”

Codi Ann is an incredibly open young lady who likes to collaborate with other creatives by means of journal-sharing, art exchanges and other miscellaneous projects. She absolutely and wholeheartedly welcomes any and all inquiries pertaining to new friends, opportunities, commissioned work, creative projects and further questions.


M: Codi Ann Thomsen | P.O. Box 69 | Tinley Park, IL | 60477-0069 | United States


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