A Skulk of Foxes

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A Skulk of Foxes is a multidisciplinary independent design studio that was established in 2006. Run by husband and wife Natalie and Andrew, they work in the fields of jewellery design & production, 3D modeling & animation and product development.

They have designed and produced collections for a wide range of clients, including the National Gallery of Australia and the world renowned Natural History Museum in London.

Having European backgrounds, they have always been inspired by an eclectic mix of folk art, fables and nature.  This combined with both traditional and modern production techniques has resulted in the distinct style that is synonymous with the A Skulk of Foxes brand worldwide.

They are hands-on with every piece that they create, from it’s inception as a rough sketch, right through to the end product that is packaged and shipped to your door!

‘A Skulk of Foxes’ and our ‘Folk Fox’ brand device are trademarked and registered copyright.

Paint it Black

IMG_8461 2013-12-08 21-34-

IMG_8463 2013-12-08 21-35-

IMG_8464 2013-12-08 21-37-

IMG_8465 2013-12-08 21-38- IMG_8460 2013-12-08 21-33-

IMG_8459 2013-12-08 21-33-

IMG_8468 2013-12-08 21-39- forever

I got this dress from Marshall’s for 16$. I am in love with how simple and elegant it is.It could be worn as a night out dress, fancy dinner dress, or casual with a cool leather jacket over it.

The wallet is from target. I needed a bigger one and found this neat patterned black and white one.

The necklace is from etsy, a gift from my boyfriend! I love it. You can find the most unique jewelry on etsy

Here is a photo I took of my boyfriend while shooting picture for my blog. He looks so Dan Humphrey here ( Gossip Girl)

IMG_8494 2013-12-08 21-45-

The arrow ring is from forever 21. I am sure you can tell that the whole arrow thing is a new trend I love.

The Book is from my friend Cristina. Its called St. Lucey’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves.

The chap stick is from Savannah Bee Company! It’s earl grey scented. If you love tea you will love it.

The boots were found at goodwill! Thrifting rules

The green suede purse is from Target

If you noticed the twinnings tea tin, that is where I keep my watercolor paints. I have been working on more paintings lately.

I recently went into our garden and made a bouquet for last few days of summer.


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