Wish List!

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1. A sweater perfect for fall or winter. I am in love with this print!

2. I am very into the arrow patterns that I keep seeing everywhere. I love the simplicity of this top!

3. A handy watercolor mole skin to have around would b perfect!

4. Once again the arrows have my attention. Love this little mug for coffee or tea!

5. This green tea from Harney and Son’s looks amazing. I saw it on my friend Cristina’s blog! Must try!

6. I am loving this long casual skirt from sheinside. I would wear this with all kinds of things.

7. This jacket is so amazing. I love the casual design, Its a perfect mix of feminine and masculine. A great fall must have!

8. I have been wanting a set of these neat little tree bark pencils. I love how rustic they look.


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