Interview with Elizabeth (seamlessly lovely)

Tell Us a Bit about yourself:


I’m a 21 art history major at the University of San Francisco but am from southern California and spend every summer back home in Orange County.  I’m so grateful to get to spend time in two beautiful places that are incredibly different. I love dancing around in chiffon dresses, warm nights with silk pajamas and lemonade, late starry-skied bonfires on the beach with friends, taking pictures with my minolta, and writing!

What are some fun things you have been up to this summer?

This has probably been one of the more relaxing summers I’ve ever had since my work schedule is very flexible.  I’m interning for a photographer in Laguna, learning how to run a gallery, and helping him sell at the Sawdust art festival.  Other than that, my friends and I do everything from pic-nics, having tea in San Juan Capistrano, bowling, the beach, and bars in Newport.  My best friend is interning in Venice and I really love going up there to shop and grab lunch with her. I also ventured to San Francisco for a weekend to hang out with some of my friends who are still in the city and see Father John Misty at the Fillmore!


Name some of your favorite summer styles:

I rarely wear pants, ever since I can remember I’ve just been more comfortable in dresses or skirts, so during the summer I love getting to throw my tights off and just put on something breezy and light.  I always love a good hat and have a floppy burnt orange one from Nasty Gal that makes me feel like a band-aid from Almost Famous. That paired with a black or white chiffon dress, some woven sandals, and a few rings is perfect for just about anything in southern California. I’ve also really adored the new overall trend along with loose button ups and some converse or pastel oxfords!

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What is a normal day like for you:

I’m a total morning person and love waking up early with the birds chirping, a fresh pot of coffee, and a big bowl of oatmeal.  I’ve gotten in the habit of hiking or swimming first thing which gives me so much energy for the rest of the day! My internship is only a few times a week, so if I’m not heading there I’ll do anything from reading all day in my backyard or adventuring around with friends.  I’m a home-body though, so I really love getting to spend time with my parents and cooking dinner with my mom.


Name some of your Favorite Summer Films?

I’m a huge fan of The Virgin Suicides, along with pretty much everything Sofia does, but Virgin Suicides just encompasses that wistful, restless summer feeling you have in suburbia.  Of course there’s a macabre twist, but I think the hazy, pastel cinematography is the perfect thing to watch on a sleepover. 

I also love Before Sunrise and the idea of meeting a handsome stranger on summer vacation in Europe. Ethan Hawke is a babe, the script is wonderful, and there’s two movies following it, one of which just came out this summer! 



Plans after this summer?

I’m going back up north for school and my senior year. I’m a little anxious about graduating college, but I’m finishing up the summer with a bang at Outside Lands music festival! 

This girl rules and has some awesome prospecs in order it seems. Lovely taste in music,fashion and an alla round kind soul. Check out some photos of her summer!



tumblr_mo369nckCb1qajoago1_500 tumblr_moanr3ODI31qajoago1_500 tumblr_mp251jNAcA1qajoago1_500 7446_10201432311195177_654862791_n 375642_4355522331701_1558831542_nDon’t forget to follow her on her tumblr!


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