Kinfolk Saturdays: in Charleston

Kinfolk Saturdays: in Charleston

Film by Andrew & Carissa Gallo from Sea Chant Photographs by Carissa Gallo

Our Kinfolk Saturdays film series continues with a mini City Guide day trip on two wheels.

Kinfolk Saturdays is all about giving you ideas for how to spend your weekends, and in this film we head to sleepy Charleston, South Carolina, where we follow a young couple on their Saturday food and supply gathering adventures. From Richmond to Savannah, the southeast is full of sleepy southern towns ideal for two-wheel travel. Charleston has its charms, and here are a few of them.

1. Grab your bikes and head out to the City Marina on the Ashley River or ride over to Waterfront Park on Cooper River.

2. Head to Black Tap Coffee (at 70 1/2 Beaufain Street) to get your high-maintenance fancy coffee drink.

3. Then go over to Goat.Sheep.Cow at 106 Church Street to pick up lots of fromage, charcuterie and other endless gourmet goodies. Try not to eat them all immediately.

4. Next stop is Sugar Bakeshop,  located on Cannon Street in downtown Charleston. You can gather all the pastries, cupcakes, cookies and tarts you can afford before heading off to the small gathering.

5. Now that you’re sufficiently caffeinated, sugared up and energized from your bike ride, meet your friends and laze away the afternoon on a giant front porch.



I am going to South Carolina This week for vacation and we mentioned a visit to Charleston. Might have to stop at some of these places!! 🙂


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