Away We Go

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I love this film. I know its older but i thought I would do a little review of it. So I love both the actors in this movie. John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph play a cute middle aged couple sort of living out their lives in the best way they can. Maya Rudolph is a medical artist and John Krasinski is a sort of home defense karate instructor. The pair make a sweet sort of indie hipster couple who want to start a new life as they prepare for the baby that is soon to come. They travel to multiple places meeting old friends and family members trying to decide what their new home is. The movie has a great soundtrack with music by Alexi Murdoch and Cohead and Cambria among others. This movie makes me feel so happy after I finish it. Their are some touching parts and you get to see couples whos lives are effected by family and children in good ways and bad. Its a sort of heart warming movie but with edge and good comedy.


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