The Snow Child: Book Review


The Snow Child By Eowyn Ivey was a book that my mom had described to me a while back. The book was based of the Russian Folk story with the same name. Any one that knows me, knows that I love fairy-tales and folklore and especially Russian folklore. There is something always dark and beautiful about the Russian fairy-tales that I have always been drawn to. After hearing about the book, I couldn’t get it out of my mind so I got it from the library. Anyways this book by Eowyn Ivey is centered around an aging couple who have been deprived of a child. They live in the frightening and exciting land of Alaska in the 1920’s. The couple desperately longs for happiness and settlement in the new land that they live in. The couple decide one night out of happiness to create a snow child in the sparkling new winter snow. The next day the hat and mittens that they so carefully placed on the snow child’s head is gone and what is left are the soft foot prints of a child. This book is hauntingly beautiful and a lovely twist on the original fairytale story. I personally love winter time and the woods and if you are like me then you will love this exquisite take on the Russian Fairytale. Here are some photos that remind me of the story.

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